On Your Terms

We’re creating a new healthcare system that’s allowing for care delivery innovation at the ground level by empowering clinicians to work independently on their terms. 

Healthcare has continued to consolidate creating reduced access, higher cost, and a lack of work options for clinicians. It’s forced healthcare professionals to become “data entry specialists” stripping away the real reason why we become clinicians in the first place…to heal, educate, and empower our patients towards better health.

As a part of DecentraCare, you’ll be able to access gig-style clinical work opportunities supporting your local community and outpatient healthcare providers. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow nursing professionals finding ways to leverage your skills, knowledge, and independence forging new innovative options for healthcare delivery. With the support of our team, you could even start your own entrepreneurial journey working for the best boss…yourself!

Network Size

There are over
18 million clinicians

in the US

Less than 1%
of new healthcare startups are by clinicians

59% of nurses 
plan to leave the profession within a year

By 2030
WHO predicts

a global shortage of
15 million healthcare workers.