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Whether you need support today, tomorrow, or over the next year, DecentraCare’s adaptive clinician access model allows you to be in control.

Traditional healthcare staffing agencies lock you into long term contracts and minimums creating waste and inefficiencies. You know “you” better than anyone else. Access healthcare staffing resources on your terms. 


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Temporary Staffing (Per Diem)

Are you in need of immediate assistance? Need access to a flexible healthcare team to handle temporary surges in demand? Our skilled local staff are available on short notice to ensure your operations continue uninterrupted and your standards of care are upheld. With us, lengthy contracts are not a requirement, providing you with the flexibility you need. Even better? We have local talent in our main service areas, which means there are no lodging reimbursements. Flex up, flex down on a moment’s notice!

Temp to Permanent Staff

Identifying top-tier talent is hard through traditional interviews and resumes! Evaluate new team members through our temp-to-perm service. This option allows you to “try before you buy” and assess candidates in real work settings. If they prove to be a perfect fit and meet your high expectations, transitioning them to a permanent role is straightforward and hassle-free. This flexible approach benefits both employers and employees by ensuring a good match before making a long-term commitment.

Permanent Placement Service

Seeking a lasting addition to your team? We specialize in connecting you with top-tier professionals eager to engage in a stable and fulfilling role. We ensure that each candidate is not only highly qualified but also a perfect fit for your team’s unique culture and needs.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our partners are saying about how DecentraCare has helped support their operations and patient care.

“Having the ability to find the highest-quality clinical providers, have them experience our facility and services, and then decide if we want them to join our team permanently is an incredible benefit to a specialty healthcare clinic like GameDay,” Lerg said.

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Let us connect you with the right professionals to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency. Discover how our adaptive staffing solutions can meet your specific requirements.


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How can we better serve your needs? What additional services would you like to see us offer? We’re not only building a marketplace for staffing but for healthcare needs across the nation! Your feedback is vital as we continously enhance our services to better support your facility and the communities we live in. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey and let us know how we can provide more value to you.